Affordable Pest Control in Cincinnati, Ohio

Pest control refers to the management and regulation of posts which cause harm to persons’ health and his environment. Example of common pests are termites, roaches, bed bugs, spiders and rodents. Some of this pest affect human directly through bites or indirectly through causing harm to crops.

Pest control can be done through use of several methods. These methods are;

1. Biological pest control

This is control of pests through management of natural predators and parasites. This is aimed at eliminating a pest with minimal harm to the environment in its present form.

2. Mechanical pest control

Is the use of physical techniques with simple equipment, devices, and natural ingredients which act as a barrier between the pests and their hosts. For example weeds can be controlled by uprooting them from the crop field.

3. Physical pest control

This is the method of pest control by getting rid of the pests and other small rodents by attacking them, use of barriers that prevent further destruction to crops or by exposing them in case of termites so that they can be fed on by chicken.

4. Use of pesticides.

Pesticides are chemicals used for pest control as they are harmful to pests. Pests such as roaches, bed bugs and termites can be controlled by spraying chemicals which kill them instantly when they get exposed to it. Termites can also be controlled through use of special chemicals. The chemical is introduced into their habitats, killing them all. Spiders can also be managed by use of chemicals which kill them.

5. Space fumigation

This pest control measure involves covering the affected surface with airtight material and then introducing a poisonous gas which is highly concentrated. This gas kills the pests instantly. This can be done to control pests such as bed bugs. The infested materials can be locked in an airtight room. The room is then fumigated to get rid of them.

6. Soil steaming

this pest control practice is for those pests that hide in the soil such as the rodents are killed through use of super heated steam that is introduced in the soil thus killing them. Soil can also be burned to kill those pests that hide in them such as roaches.

7. Use of heat.

This pest control method is done by heating up infested surfaces. Bed bugs are controlled through this method. Surfaces are heated up to kill the bed bugs.

8. Hand picking

Pest control can also be done through picking them by use of hands. Spiders can be controlled by destroying the spider web.

9. Use of traps and barriers.

This pest control practice can be done to pests such as rodents. Traps are enacted in the fields and storage places. The rodents are trapped and killed instantly.