G-Box Midnight MX2 Android TV Boxes

G-Box Midnight MX2: Avoiding Those Boring Television Mishaps

If you are interested in maximizing the utilization of your TV, consider theG-box Midnight MX2, an outstanding portable device that can improve your entire viewing experience. This design allows the user to run the XBMC media center on the television, use any of their selected apps, and still be able to surf the web. The user can take advantage of both the internet and television functions. However, the difference with this particular Android box is its ability to allow you to share music, videos, and photos via your TV set.

Operation of the G-Box Midnight MX2

It’s a very simple process to install the G-Box Midnight MX2 Android box. Just power up after you’ve connected the Android box’s wires to your television. Be sure to set your television to the AV mode. After you’ve set it up correctly, you can watch thousands of films on TV, see your favorite program, purchase apps in the Google play store, and see live streaming at no cost. This G-box Midnight MX2 operates on 4.2.2, the latest incarnation of the operating system called Jellybean. Its features include a Micro SD slot, HDMI and Ethernet out, four USB inputs and built-in 802.11 b/g/n that enables you to connect to your home network.

Advantages of G-box Midnight MX2

With double the hard drive space and a quicker speed, the G-box Midnight MX2 has many more advantages than the regular model. In addition, it provides among the best add-ons and channels, so that you can see films and television programs, along with live performances and adult programming. Now you just use your remote to get entertainment that’s completely free to you.

In comparison to the older version, this G-box Midnight MX2 comes with a more powerful WiFi card that can reach as far as 80 feet. This will greatly benefit people who would like to place their internet box a greater distance from the TV. You’ll need an online speed of at least 3.5 MB for this. The firmware and software published by Matricom, the X-Box manufacturer, as well as your personalized list of add-ons, are automatically updated via the internet. You’ll be updated monthly.

Its hardware is more powerful and contains more memory capacity than the ones that came before it. You get an 8GB hard drive with the G-box MX2 as opposed to the G-box Midnight with just 4 GB. This model is a lot quicker to use than the regular model, particularly when you utilize the XBMC menu. The quality of the sound will be improved, too, as you listen to your preferred music or watch television videos.

It transforms your television into an Android tablet with apps, showing as soon as you open the box. But for maximum utilization of the G-box, visit the Google play store where you can download movies, games, music and other apps that you cannot live without. But as it is equipped with 86 add-ons, as well as over 20 android apps, you have nothing to be concerned about. You can also buy the G-box Midnight MX2 for much less money than other items. In comparison to units from Apple TV, this will usually be priced at about $169.99. There is no need to spend a lot of money to get this device that enhances your viewing pleasure.